Core Ideas

Holy Trinity College’s Polimodal aspires that its students can enroll in University based on an integrated bilingual education, and for this it intends:
• To provide its students with the knowledge necessary to move on to the next period of their careers with success.
• To develop its students’ ability to manage daily life.
• To determine the specialization of the students and instruct them in how to effectively use free time.
• To endow its students with the understanding necessary to cope in today’s world.

Directional Objectives for Bilingual Secondary School

1) To incorporate in students the world of values in order to allow the formation of a worthy individual.
2) To provide education with the necessary instruments, techniques, and habits so that the students can begin to develop the process of self education and actively and efficiently incorporate the elements of a long-lasting education.
3) To direct students toward discovering their own individual aptitudes and limitations in order to become good people that respect their peers.
4) To promote in students the development of potential while still maintaining mutual respect.
5) To emphasize the integrated formation of the student: intellectual, artistic, physical, linguistic, and transcendental.
6) To favor internationalization of accepted individual and social guidelines, norms, and values to achieve responsibility and autonomy.
7) To carry out a didactic and pedagogical task that responds to the social and individual needs of the student and is based on an effective interrelation among school, family, and community.
8) To allow complete and true knowledge of the country and to awaken an authentic national conscience that incorporates openness, respect, and understanding towards all people of the world.
9) To provide the students with a domain of their native language that allows them to develop their capacity to communicate expressively and understandably, as well as providing a proficiency in the English language on all levels of communication, emphasizing study and investigation in separate areas of knowledge.
10) To create favorable conditions for the formation of a well-rounded individual.
11) To produce the general abilities, skills and knowledge to face any post-university career.
12) To provide the necessary tools to confront any problem in the modern world.
13) To offer options which reflect the individual interests and abilities of the student.
14) To promote the formation of youths with responsibility, practical skills, and united spirit.

University Agreements

Saint Andrew´s University
• Cooperation in training, perfection, current theme, didactic, and pedagogical activities with its teachers.

Technological Institute of Buenos Aires
• Agreement through OBI. The university considers Math and Physics courses passed upon enrolling in the case of obtaining a score of five or higher on the IB.
• Holy Trinity College is the off-campus location for the entrance course.
• Foundation Program “Project Parents.”

CEMA University
• 50% Scholarship for Computer Engineering
• 50% Scholarship for a degree in Political Science
• Two 25% scholarships for a degree in Economics or Business Management

Belgrano University
• Two scholarships for graduate work with an average score of eight on all subjects studied.
• 50% Scholarship for a degree in Administrative Education for one professor per year.
• Studies without customs duty for Teaching Methodology and Learning Evaluation.

CEMIC Institute
• Direct entrance is awarded to students with an average of eight in subjects studied.