Student Trips and Exchanges

From fourth grade and on Holy Trinity College has a distinctive program of student trips and exchanges. Some are of athletic nature, while others are academic and yet others are of artistic or musical character. In this way, youths enjoy contact with students from other institutions and are enriched by the formation of new links and relationships along with the development of their own independence. These trips also serve as reference points at the academic, athletic, or artistic level. Some examples of these activities are:

1. Cardinal Newman College, Buenos Aires, Rugby Exchange program from out-going fourth to sixth year students.
2. St. Andrew’s College, Buenos Aires, Rugby and Hockey Exchange for fifth year students.
3. Art Conference, ACOBI. EGB1
4. Day of Reflection, ACOBI. EGB1
5. Swimming Tournament, ACOBI. EGB1 through Polimodal
6. Band Conference, St. Luke’s College, Buenos Aires.
7. Debate Fest (ASDF), Buenos Aires. Juniors and Seniors
8. Trip to Iguazú Falls, Córdoba for seventh year students
9. Trip to Uruguay for eighth year students Exchange with Carrasco Lawn Tennis and St. Clare’s school.
10. Michael Ham, Buenos Aires, Track Tournament. Juniors, Seniors, and Intermediate students.

Students travel to conferences accompanied by their professors and stay in hotels or family homes during the trips. These activities hold a special value in the formation of each student’s independence. The students experience reciprocity which encourages them to fulfill the role of host and return that which they have received.

Opening of the World
In the lasts years of Senior Schooll, students have the opportunity of participating in the British Tour. This trip provides students with the possibility of seeing the world opened to them before entering into university life.




  • Visit to Christ Church College and New College, prestigious colleges at the University of Oxford, where Harry Potter was filmed and where some of the most renowned world figures were educated, including: Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, Hill Clinton, and Indira Gandhi, among others
  • Punting (Rowing) on the Thames.
  • Longleat Safari Park. Labyrinth and Simulators.


  • Roman Baths, buildings of Georgian architecture, the Rows, the Circle, Victoria Park.


  • Millennium Stadium
  • Castle and grounds


  • Shakespeare’s Birthplace
  • Trinity Church


  • Visit to the colleges, including Trinity College
  • Punting on the river
  • University of Cambridge. Local Examination Centre


  • Visit to Windsor Castle, current permanent residence of the Queen of England.


  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Leicester Square
  • Houses of Parliament
  • Buckingham Palace
  • Westminster Abbey
  • St Paul’s Cathedral
  • Trafalgar Square
  • Covent Garden
  • Regent Street
  • Imperial War Museum
  • Natural Science Museum
  • British Museum
  • London Eye
  • Camden Town
  • Harrods
  • Stadiums: Wimbledon, West Ham, Arsenal


  • St. Ambrose School, Manchester
  • Cheadle Hume, Manchester
  • St. Paul' s London
  • Latymer School, London
  • Stratford Grammar School, Stratford Upon Avon
  • Felsted School, Cambridge
  • St. Edwards, Oxford
  • Rye St Antony Oxford
  • Abingdon , Oxford
  • Headington, Oxford
  • Stowe School Oxford
  • Morecombe School, Lancaster
  • Kingswood, Bath
  • Dragon School, Oxford
  • Beechwood Sacred Heart,
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Wakefield
  • Birkenhead School, Liverpool
  • Beechwood Sacred Heart,
  • Royal Tunbridge Wells
  • Morecombe High School
  • Oldershaw Academy, Liverpool
  • Adams School, Newport
  • Ireland
  • Christian Brothers Cork
  • Ballymena Rugby Club
  • Scotland
  • Stewart' s Melville School, Edinburgh
  • Forrester Rugby School, Edinburgh
  • Merchiston Castle, Edinburgh
  • Ross High School, Edinburgh


We visited New Hall School, a school whose building was once a palace constructed by Richard VIII for his wife, Ann Boleyn. There our singers starred in a “Pop Idol Show” where they sang, “Somebody to Love.” The boys went to a Rugby practice and the girls learned to play rounders, a typical English sport.

The visit to Felsted will be difficult to forget!
We enjoyed an exceptional reception in the college Chapel, a breakfast upon arriving, lunch with the Great Hall, a Parliamentary Debate match, and soccer and hockey games in an atmosphere of great camaraderie. The students gave a spectacular cultural presentation, danced the tango, and sang some lovely songs. Our students also participated in a roundtable discussion about the Falkland Islands and knew how to approach a topic of conflict with great respect, maturity, and logic. We will always remember the kindness of everyone and the special climate of this picturesque English village that dates back to 1500.

The British tour has been an invaluable experience and an example of the strength of the students for achieving it. Surely it constitutes an added value to this chapter of their lives, one in which they are making important decisions about their personal and professional lives.