Our Junior Orchestra was born in the year 2003. A group of enthusiastic boys and girls with no previous music preparation or knowledge and with the direction of our teacher Juan Carlos Gesualdi were starting then their way to successful performances.
Our band includes air instruments- saxophones, trumpets, trombones, and guitars- as well as a piano and percussion. Their repertoire is wide and includes national marches, zambas, tangos, jazz, film music, melodics and other genres.

Our students start their Band experience in 6th form and as they enter 7th, they start participating in special ceremonies, contributing with their perfect interpretation of our National anthem and national marches together with their wide repertoire of a variety of popular songs.
Our musicians have band classes within school hours. Band creates the opportunity to awake the taste for music, motivate our students´ abilities and generate an early sense of discipline, since this is an activity that requires regular attendance and compromise.

The quality of our band´s performances and the assertive direction of our teacher Gesualdi have ended in wonderful presentations. Our band has been invited to do both the opening and the intermezzo at the 3rd Meeting of Bilingual Schools. It has performed locally at the Sheraton Hotel, at the Villa Victoria, at the Plaza del Agua, and at Teatro Colón. They have also participated at the St. Luke’s Band Festival of the Olivos´ St. Luke’s School, in Buenos Aires, and at the Teatro Paris, from Necochea.
Nowadays, they are rehearsing to make two new presentations outside our school. With its 19 advanced musicians and its more than 20 beginners, our Band guarantees its progress and continuous growth.