Goals and Objectives

The Physical Education Department offers a wide range of activities that allow students to enjoy physical activity and develop their athletic abilities.

In addition, the college gives students the opportunity to participate in different events and activities at the local, regional, and even the national level.

The main objective of the Physical Education Department is to ensure that all children have a general background in various athletic disciplines and can develop their own unique abilities.


Every year in September or October the schools organizes a traditional “Sport’s Day.” Students of all levels spend the day at the Trinity Campus competing in a variety of sports and representing their respective “Houses.” The students challenge themselves in speed, hurtles, high jump, long jump, and discus throwing. In addition, the students from primary school organize games with their parents. The children also play games of Soccer, Rugby, and Field Hockey between the Yellow and Red Houses.

Trinity Club

• Origin
The club was created in 1994 as a result of a group of parents that wanted to continue with sports activities outside the school environment. Thus, the road to Trinity Club began, inspired by the formative spirit of Rugby and Field Hockey.
Since its foundation the club has been sustained by the support of families. The club grew in number and experience at the same time as the children who formed it.
Today, the headquarters of the Club can be found in Rumencó. The strength of the club today reflects the hard work and effort of all these years.

Ojectives of the club

• To complete sports activities.
• To cultivate a spirit of belonging between current and former students.
• To integrate families into the social and athletic lives of students.
• To continue and stimulate contact of future graduates.


In an act of faith, in 2002 Holy Trinity college made, thanks to the unconditional support of its families, another significant step: the inaugeration of Trinity Campus. This was converted into the headquarters of Trinity Club in an environment of great natural wealth, with 12 hectares for sports facilities and with the incalcuable value of being easily accesed from the college.


• Hockey
In 2004 the first divsion won its first victory in the local campshionship. Since then it has won four consecutive champsionships, played in local and national club tournaments.

In 2005 the integrated team of our eleventh year students won first place in the Youth Buenos Aires Tournament. This allowed them to recieve the award for “Sports Merit 2005” from Mayor Daniel Katz. The effort and dedication of our played allowed them to be selected to represent the city in the national tournaments.

• Rugby:
– In 2006 the Under-15 division were champions of the zonal Ruby tournament.