Academic Activities

Math Olympics

The students in fifth through seventh years at Holy Trinity Collage participate in the Ñandú Math Olympics, and the eighth, ninth and Polimodal students participate in the Argentine Math Olympics. These competitions occur throughout the course of the year at multiple levels: school, intercollegiate, zonal, regional, and finally, the national exam.

It is very important to motivate students to participate in these types of exams because they enrich them significantly by offering the possibility of experiencing new things in both the academic and personal spheres.

The Debate Team

The Debate Team has enjoyed much success in intercollegiate, national, and even international competitions. In July of 2007 one of the school’s students, Pedro León Juliá, competed in the international debate tournament in South Korea for the Argentina national team.
For many students, debate helps to improve the way they express their ideas and aids in the development of public speaking skills. In the same way, debating allows them to understand current societal issues and to utilize tools to analyze the problems at both the national and international level. Socially, being a member of the Debate Team lets students create new friendships in other cities and even other countries with people of different cultures with whom they still keep in contact.