To guide students towards a comprehensive Catholic education, a deep love for their country, and bilingual capacity at a level of excellence that combines traditional values with solid, modern instruction.
To stimulate in students the formation of strong, balanced personalities that allow them to remain grounded in their actions.

Holy Trinity College

Holy Trinity College, located in the beautiful city of Mar del Plata, was founded in 1989 as one of the bilingual schools in Argentina.

The school boasts a Bilingual Kindergarten, Primary School, and Secondary School. Its integrated curriculum in English and Spanish allows students to prepare for international exams, including: PET and IGSCE from the University of Cambridge, oral exams from Trinity College in London, and finally, in the last two senior years, the IB, or International Baccalaureate, Diploma.

Holy Trinity’s athletic programs represent an important part of student life. Students participate in hockey, rugby, track and field, and swimming, and compete in national and international tournaments.
Holy Trinity College provides an excellent environment for an international exchange program. The school has well-established links with the United States, Canada, England, South Africa, New Zealand, and almost all countries in Latin America through the LAHC. It seeks to spread cultural awareness and worldwide understanding through student interaction.



The Physical Education Department offers a wide range of activities that allow students to enjoy physical activity and develop their athletic abilities.

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Our Junior Orchestra was born in the year 2003. A group of enthusiastic boys and girls with no previous music preparation or knowledge and with the direction of our teacher Juan Carlos Gesualdi were starting then their way to successful performances.

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Drama School

Musicals are a unique experience in the education of our children. From their first play in Kindergarten to their “Senior Play” in Polimodal, and like many other subjects, this activity becomes a great challenge to our kids through their school years.

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Academic Activities

The students in fifth through seventh years at Holy Trinity Collage participate in the Ñandú Math Olympics, and the eighth, ninth and Polimodal students participate in the Argentine Math Olympics.

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Educational System


Throughout the school’s history Holy Trinity has been committed to developing graduates who are totally bilingual, have exceptional academic skills and knowledge, as well as high moral and personal standards.

A central question for us today is ”Are we preparing students for the world they live in and will inherit as adults?”

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Holy Trinity College’s Polimodal aspires that its students can enroll in University based on an integrated bilingual education, and for this it intends:

- To provide its students with the knowledge necessary to move on to the next period of their careers with success.
- To develop its students’ ability to manage daily life.

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Our Kindergarten combines ample space and unique objectives that conform to our E.G.B.: placing value on education itself, with its own identity and a hierarchical structure with roles, functions and institutional culture that goes along with Holy Trinity’s goals.
We propose a model where compromise, participation, and responsibility form part of everyday reflection...

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Religious Upbringing

Since 1989—when the activities in Kindergarten began with the purpose of starting a Bilingual School—religious life has been offered and the spirituality of Schoenstatt embraced. Since then the College is entrusted to Our Lady of Schoenstatt and follows the direction of the Movement in the formation of its students.

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